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Isata — Update and Info on Women’s Mechanic Training!

By Kimberly Coats | March 7, 2021

UPDATE on Isata and Women’s Cycling & Mechanic Training in Sierra Leone Isata got married! She’s still running her shop and riding her bike showing all women you can do it all! Isata’s video riding to her wedding reception with…

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Women of African Cycling — Jennifer Kanini Salome (Kenya & Dadarides)

By Kimberly Coats | March 2, 2021

JENIFFER KANINI SALOME (SALLY)  How did you start cycling and why?  I learned how to ride a bicycle at age of 12- 13 years. Like any other girl, I would ride to the posho mill, fetch water, it’s something I liked doing. When I joined…

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Is There Diversity in the Sport of Cycling?

By Kimberly Coats | February 15, 2021

Written by our Team Africa Rising Correspondent at the 2020 Tour de France — Graphic courtesy of ProCyclingStats 6,5,4,3,2… It’s time for Le Tour de France 2020! This year presents maybe the most challenging environment for the race’s organisers, the teams, their…

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Eyeru Tesfoam — Ethiopia’s Top Female Cyclist

By Kimberly Coats | September 27, 2020

by Kimberly Coats | Sep 27, 2020 We caught up Eyeru before her appearance this week at the 2020 UCI World Championships in Imola, Italy. We asked her a few questions….thanks Eyeru! It’s good to see you representing your country at the World…

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La Course by Tour de France 2020, Rider Profile: Fatima Zahra El Hayani (Arkea Pro Cycling Team)

By Kimberly Coats | August 2, 2020

As part of our focus on diversity in the pro peloton, we talked with Fatima Zahra El Hayani Reza (24) of the Arkea Pro Cycling Team. Fatima has been racing bikes for over four years, with her first major race…

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