What can your donation provide?

On our Donation Platform you can specify the following:

  • General African Cycling Development
  • Women’s African Cycling Development
  • Adrien Niyonshuti’s Cycling Academy for juniors and women cyclists in Rwanda
  • Special areas of need from time to time

If there are any additional stipulations for the use of your gift, please leave them in the “Note” section of your donation form. Thank you!

Women’s team

  • $10 – 1 month of personal care products
  • $15 monthly Zwift membership
  • $25 per month for clean water during training hours
  • $40 – all costs for 1 cyclist to attend a national competition
  • $150 – 1 month of bike maintenance and repair
  • $200 – 1 month of pay for a part-time coach
  • $300 – 1 month of transportation fees for races, including cyclists, bikes, and equipment
  • $750 – Smart Trainer

Men’s teams

  • $15 monthly Zwift membership
  • $50 – 1 week of meals for a rider in training camp
  • $100 – 1 complete tool kit for a new bicycle mechanic in training
  • $150 – 1 entire club team to attend a local race (transport, food, lodging)
  • $500 – all costs for 1 club to host its own local race
  • $750 – Smart trainer
  • $800 – 1 new Scott road bike for a promising cyclist
  • $1,500 – all costs for 1 competitive cyclist to train in Belgium for 4 weeks (flight, ground transportation, visa, meals, lodging)
Team Africa Rising

Team Africa Rising is a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization as described in section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code. Our tax identification number is 27-3113955. Adequate records will be maintained and made available to the IRS upon request. In accordance with IRS regulations, no goods or services were provided to you by Team Africa Rising as part of this contribution.