Supporting African Cycling since 2007
Supporting African Cycling since 2007

Unifying African Countries Through the Sport of Cycling

Since 2007, Team Africa Rising, formerly known as Team Rwanda Cycling has supported the development of African cyclists. In 2025, Rwanda will become the first African country to host the UCI Road Cycling World Championships.

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Development on Virtual Platforms

COVID-19 forced us to rethink how to identify, train, and develop the cycling talent of the continent's young men and women. We shifted funding to offer smart trainers and access to the Zwift online training platform, so cycling aspirants in Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Benin and Sierra Leone, and Togo can now compete against each other on Zwift weekly. It is the sport's future and will give much-needed statistics to professional teams when evaluating a professional African cyclist.

Women’s Cycling Team

We strive to establish the first Pan African women's professional cycling team. Until that team is formed, we will campaign for equal opportunity for women and access to the same possibilities as men. Women selected for European or American teams will also be supported by us through stipends, travel, and access to sponsored equipment.

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“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

—African Proverb

“Cycling for everyone has more defeat than victory, even for the great Eddy Merckx who won over 400 races, more pain than wellness, more effort than glory, but all of that combined makes cycling so fascinating. The public wants to see the hell before heaven: the suffering before the win. You need to stay dedicated to your dream. The real cyclist is a person who after a bad race on sunday wakes up on monday and is ready to go out on the bike to train to get better.”

—Rubens Bertogliati, Former Pro Cyclist