Tour de France launches “School Solidarity – A Bike For Every Child” Campaign

The Amaury Sport Organisation (A.S.O.), organisers of the Tour de France (TDF) and the Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift (TDFFaZ), have today launched the “School Solidarity – A Bike For Every Child” Campaign. This campaign aims to put 100,000 children on bicycles across France (and South Africa). The goal is to get them mobile, riding to school, and more.

This launch has a strong African component, with the campaign sending significant funding to the Qhubeka Charity. Qhubeka is a South African social mobility charity that uses its unique bicycles to improve social mobility to school children across South Africa, and beyond.

The Power of Qhubeka and Tour de France Partnership

Qhubeka is the international charity of the TDF and TDFFaZ, and has been for several years. This relationship has so far yielded hundreds of bicycles for Qhubeka’s keen recipients. Anthony Fitzhenry, Founder of Qhubeka, regularly shares updates on astounding improvements. Exam grades and attendance rates improve at the schools with whom they work.

Two schoolchildren at a Qhubeka distribution help each other to get used to their new bicycle.

The “School Solidarity – A Bike For Every Child” campaign overall will feature a unique partnership. The French Ministry of National Education and Youth, the French Ministry of Sport, the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and the Tour de France are all partners. They are teaming up with the Ma Petite Planète organisation to roll out the project.

Organizing Cycling Events

From 12-30 June, participating classes will have the opportunity to organise their own cycling events. These events arebased on the guidelines of the “School Solidarity – A Bike for Every Child” programme. This supports the “Savoir Rouler à Vélo” cycling proficiency scheme. It also helps children to develop the skills they need to cycle independently by the time they start secondary school.

The goal of the second edition is to get 100,000 students involved. The TDF will give €1 to charity for each child who completes the training. This year, the €100,000 will go to Secours populaire français, the Qhubeka Charity and the Fondation ANAIS.

A happy French schoolchild celebrating passing their cycling proficiency test at a recent School Solidarity event

As Christian Prudhomme, the Director of the TDF explains, “The Tour de France’s “Riding into the Future” programme aims to promote cycling as a means of transport. Through its backing for ‘Savoir Rouler à Vélo’ alongside the French Ministry of National Education and Youth, the French Ministry of Sport and the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and Ma Petite Planète, the Tour again delivers tangible results on its strong commitments to bring the joy of cycling to as many people as possible, especially underprivileged and poor children. ‘School Solidarity — A Bike for Every Child’ is an incredible, fun and charitable educational project to promote soft mobility among children”.

To find out more about the TDF and TDFFaZ’s “Riding into the Future” programme, click HERE

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