Together We Ride and ReSeed Charity Delivering Bicycles

ReSeed Charity teams up with London affinity cycling group Together We Ride. The groups will deliver bicycles to those in need in London and Sierra Leone

Today, Sierra Leone’s Reseed Charity and London’s fastest-growing affinity cycling group, Together We Ride, announced they are teaming up to launch the #22GetherWeRide campaign. This winter they will gather and distribute unused / secondhand road racing bicycles from London inhabitants. These will then be distributed to young riders in need across their respective projects in London and Sierra Leone.

ReSeed Charity

“We are excited to be a part of the ’22GetherWeRide’ bike donation initiative this Winter! Reseed Bike Shops are closely knitted together with local communities and cycling clubs in Sierra Leone. Bike clubs encourage racing, participation, well-being and female inclusion. The shops provide maintenance services and skills for the clubs and wider community.” – Roxanne Hargreaves (COO, Reseed)

A local mechanic working on bicycles at a Reseed project in Sierra Leone

Together We Ride

“Together We Ride is delighted to join forces with Reseed. We are united in our mission to positively impact the lives of individuals. Together, we embark on a journey of shared progress. We are guided by our unwavering motto: Together We Ride, Together We Rise.” – Wayne Francis (Founder, Together We Ride)

22 Bishopsgate, the tallest building in the City, has kindly agreed to be the centre for collecting these bicycles, using space in their incredible 1,500+ bicycle Active Commuter Park.

How to Support This Project

Donated bicycles must be in good working order, men’s or women’s road bicycles and brought to 22 Bishopsgate’s Active Commuter Park (ACP) – accessible from Undershaft Road, off St Mary Axe by 31 January. The bicycles will then shared with both charities in February for distribution.

I22 Bishopsgate is The City of London’s tallest tower, and hosts an Active Commuter Park which can safely store over 1,500 bicycles for the building’s workers on a daily basis.

If people don’t have a bicycle they are able to donate but would like to support the #22GetherWeRide project, they can still help. Please make a donation towards the purchase of bicycles, helmets, equipment and apparel for young riders who are supported by the programmes run by these two brilliant non-profits. Donations can be made via Stripe HERE

We wish the #22GetherWeRide campaign every success!

Contact [email protected]g if you have any questions about this project, or wish to donate a bicycle, or bicycles.

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