Meet Chantal — A Rising Star in Benin

My name is Chantal Vidognonlonhoue. I am 26 years old. I am from a family of 14 children and cycling is my passion.

My first race was in Aplahoue with an “ordinary” bike, and it was only 10 km long. There were 450 little ones riding and I finished first!  Everyone congratulated me and I was so happy. My father was very proud of me. My father was my first supporter. It is true that he did not have many means, but he supported me with what he had. The first prize was a “normal” bike.

It was with this bike I trained for a long time before I found the Zoom-Zoom Bike Club. It is with this club I found people that encouraged and motivated me. I am still the top rider in all the races organized in Benin.

With my determination in cycling the Benin Cycling Federation, I was able to find a racing bike which I used to this day. I give them recognition for what they have done for me.

I am now registered at the Institute of Sports in Porto Novo where I am studying cycling.

My dream is to become a World Champion!

I have a diploma from Team Africa Rising for a mechanic’s course that I took in 2019. I signed up for this class because when my bike went out of adjustment, I couldn’t fix it. Thanks to this class I now can repair my bike by myself with my took kit. This knowledge serves me all the time. I can repair my bike and the bikes of my teammates.

What I am passionate about in the upcoming African Championships is the new relationships I will make. For a future in cycling, it is not about “good luck” if you train you will succeed it’s not that difficult. It’s just a race.