Africa Women Cycling

Africa Women Cycling

Learn all about Africa Women Cycling - the first pan-African initiative to promote & develop women's cycling across the continent!

Learn all about Africa Women Cycling - the first pan-African initiative to promote & develop women's cycling across the continent!

Launching the first pan-African initiative to promote & develop women’s cycling on the continent

We have been working across the African continent for close to 10 years with our main project being developing the highly successful Team Rwanda men’s national cycling team which has become a world-renowned name in road cycling and delivered several riders into the pro peloton. Through our work across Africa, we have also been aware of the rising tide of female cycling talent on the continent and wish to use our knowledge of the individual Federations, the riders and the cultures from which they come, to develop African women's cycling into a world force and also get women on bikes right across the continent.

Kimberly Coats (Director, Africa Women Cycling): “When I watched the Olympic women’s road race a few weeks ago and saw so few women from Africa, I knew it was time. Our goal at Africa Women Cycling is to raise the level of cycling in Africa for women and when I saw how great the women were at our recent pan-Africa training camp, I knew we should now put a marker down and start getting African female talent into the same world as the pro riders. We firmly believe these women can begin to race against the best talent in the US, Europe and Asia to demonstrate the potential of African cycling. We have seen with Team Rwanda how a dedicated, well-run program can flourish on this continent to allow riders to then go to the international scene on pro teams and compete with pride. We hope to enable many African female athletes to follow a similar route.

We are also very focused on promoting and helping women's cycling at the grass-roots level. There is still a lot of prejudice and suspicion around women riding bikes in many countries and we hope to empower women to establish social cycling groups and cycling clubs to support each other and develop their passion. We will be seeking out amazing examples of this across the continent and sharing these success stories to encourage and enthuse others to throw off any shackles they have and embrace this truly wonderful sport."

Africa Women Cycling already works across Rwanda, Eritrea, Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia with both their riders and the national Federations and will expand to most other countries in due course. Our focus is to inspire women all over the world, women of color, women from various cultural backgrounds, that they can be involved in sport and achieve great things.

Kimberly continues: The sport of cycling for women is growing rapidly and hopefully professional teams will see the long term potential for supporting African women’s cycling and begin to take on the best we have to offer. The women from these countries in Africa will bring a whole new dynamic to the sport. We must help these women improve their opportunities and thereby their lives. There were only three women from Africa and not one woman of color in Rio and I am dedicated to getting nearer ten on the start-line in Tokyo! It’s time to literally change the face of world cycling.

Please contact Kimberly on [email protected] for more information and support us on social media on Twitter , Instagram  and Facebook for the latest news and developments around this ground-breaking initiative for African women's cycling!

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