Tour du Rwanda 2016 edition expected to be best ever

Tour du Rwanda 2016 edition expected to be best ever

President of Rwanda Cycling Federation promises most exciting edition yet
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written by Kim Coats on June 12 2016

Aimable Bayingana, the President of Rwanda Cycling Federation, has promised most exciting edition yet of the UCI 2.2 Tour du Rwanda in November 2016.

The eighth edition of the annual event will take place from November 13 to November 20, and is expected to attract 17 teams, comprising five riders each, totaling to 85 riders competing for the top prize.

The planned stages for the 2016 edition are:
Prologue, Nov. 13: Amahoro Stadium-Amahoro Stadium (3.3km)
Stage 1, Nov.14: Kigali-Ngoma (96.4km)
Stage 2, Nov. 15: Kigali Convention center-Karongi (124.7km)
Stage 3, Nov. 16: Karongi-Rusizi (115.9km)
Stage 4, Nov. 17 Rusizi-Huye (140.7km)
Stage 5, Nov. 18 Muhanga-Musanze (125.8km)
Stage 6, Nov. 19 Musanze-Kigali Regional Stadium (103.9km)
Stage 7, Nov. 20 Kigali Amahoro Stadium-Kigali Amahoro Stadium (108.0km)

As with the 2015 edition, alongside three strong Rwandan teams, there will be six professional teams attending. These are Team Loup Sport (Switerzland), Savoie Rhone-Alpen (France), Global Cycling Team (Netherlands) and Stradelli- Bike Aid (Germany) as well as 2016 debutants Scoddy DownUnder (Australia) and Novo Nordisk Development (USA). The African national teams will be from Algeria, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Kenya, Morocco and South Africa.

You can watch highlights of the 2015 Tour du Rwanda here:

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