Team Rwanda Leaves for African Continental Championships

Team Rwanda Leaves for African Continental Championships

Head Coach Sterling Magnell and our riders set off for Luxor, Egypt yesterday
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written by Sharon Bayingana on February 10 2017

Team Rwanda Leaves for African Continental Championships!

At the Africa Rising Cycling Center, Thurday was D-day! The bags were packed the day before, and Thursday was travel day as the boys and Jeanne d'Arc flew to Egypt for the African Continental Championships.

Since mid-December to just a few days ago, the team has been training with Coach Sterling Magnell on a daily basis, with clear goals that include a gold medal for the Time Trial race. Bosco, Samuel, Valens and Joseph have been relentlessly training with Sterling everyday and getting better with each session riding the TTT and we're hopeful that the hard work is soon going to pay off. 

What isn't usual is that, for the first time, four boys; Joseph, Samuel, Valens and Bosco are training for gold in the Time Trials. For a first time in Egypt, Samuel, Joseph and Bosco are hopeful for their TTT race. 

"I am ready, healthy and focused on my goals for the Time Trial race," Joseph affirms. 

In agreement, Samuel adds, "this is the first time I'll be going to Egypt but I feel like I actually stand a chance to win gold." I nod and smile as I look back to my notebook and write his exact words down.

Valens, Sterling, Obed, Bosco, Renee & Bona set off for Luxor!

We chit-chat for a short while before Samuel and Joseph start talking about shoulder-aches. "When you've been in the TT position for a while," Joseph explains, "your shoulders start to ache. After some stretching, though, the pain is over." I was glad the problems they'd possibly face would be easily solved.

Bosco, definitely the funniest of the group, wears his good humor and positive energy, looking forward to the continental championships. "We've trained hard enough for the continental championships," he says, "We've worked hard enough and prepared well for gold, so I'm definitely hopeful." 

Valens, who walks in as Bosco speaks, adds, "intego n'ugutsinda," The objective is to win.

Jeanne d'Arc, our only professional female rider, is doing the Individual Time Trial and road race. She, too, has been going above and beyond with her efforts to train and get ready for the Time Trial race which she has a good shot of getting a medal from, as well as the road race.

As Bona, Renee and the rest of the team are doing the road race, we expect to see a lot of teamwork, dedication, determination and energy.

The atmosphere was vibrant with excitement to go to Egypt to showcase great talent & results of their hard work, and we are all hopeful for the best...

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