Team Rwanda honorary rider Adam wins big in Oregon

Team Rwanda honorary rider Adam wins big in Oregon

Adam Bucklin, an honorary TRC MTB racer won the Oregon State Championship & XC Series on Saturday
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written by Jeremy Ford on July 04 2016

Adam Bucklin - a story of how anything is possible if you put in the effort!

Adam Bucklin is a mountain bike rider who had been a pro race back in his 20s but gave up the pursuit of racing due to the lack of results and the demands of the rest of his life. He was strong but couldn’t tighten his performance enough to warrant the time and energy necessary to continue. He worked with a coach, but it didn’t seem to help. At 40 years of age, Adam wanted to get back into racing form, initially to focus on winning the Oregon MTB Series. Some life changes allowed him to train more, and he was ready to do the work. He also wanted to return to the pro level, but he didn’t have high expectations of accomplishing this.

Due to his hard work, commitment, focus and driven by his desire to donate all winnings to our team, Adam achieved his goal on Saturday by winnning not only the Oregon State Championships, but also the Oregon MTB XC Series!

Adam's story is hugely motivational and shows that, when you work hard, you can achieve anything. Adam has now donated several hundred dollars to the team as he donates 100% of his winnings to Team Rwanda Cycling. Thanks so much for all your hard work and commitment Adam!

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