Stage 1 Colorado Classic

Stage 1 Colorado Classic

We will rise again
Africa Rising News Kim Coats

written by Kim Coats on August 17 2018

In over 10 years of racing, Team Rwanda has never had such a difficult day in the saddle. Many of you have followed the travel sagas of getting to this race. Ultimately, it did the majority of the team in on Stage 1 of the Colorado Classic. It took 56 hours and 8 time zones to arrive at the start line, with some of the riders arriving at 7:30pm on the night before. They had not been on their bikes since Monday morning after an 8 day Tour of Rwanda. We had a 5:00am wake-up call and transfer to Vail yesterday morning for the start.

We don't make excuses, it's simply the realities of our world with travel being an everyday obstacle coming out of Africa.

The race was fast from the first lap and coming through the feed zone on lap 1 we saw they were struggling. By Lap 5 several were at the end of the convoy, by Lap 6 Jean Claude was vomiting and pulled off. By the end, only Jean Bosco remained.

Last night all of us, staff and riders, were still in shock. We are tired, frustrated, sad, embarrassed. We all know we are better than what we showed yesterday and that is what makes this so difficult. We came to race like we did last year and improve on our performance.

But, like the country of Rwanda, we will come to the line today in support of Jean Bosco, as a team, as Rwandans, united, hopeful and proud of who we are and how we can rise above challenges. Nothing exemplifies the strength of Rwanda more than this #teamisteam

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