Moto Pacing Training - 5 hours of intense training

Moto Pacing Training - 5 hours of intense training

Check out this highlights video of our guys moto pacing on Rwanda's amazing roads. Team Rwanda Cycling riders are elite athletes...
Coaching Zone Sterling Magnell

written by Sterling Magnell on January 05 2016

In the words of Head Coach Sterling Magnell: "All you need is a vision. And to go to work."

In this film, you will see our riders putting in huge efforts as they moto pace. Abraham Ruhumuriza; boy wonder "Bosco"; Valens the Prince of Rwamagana; Team Captain Nathan Byukusenge; young workhorse Aime; charmer Jeremie and coach Simo Hupperetz go to work on 5.5 hours of getting it right. But not without a smile!

It's all moto pacing once the music stops. But the sun comes out 13 minutes in. That was nice. 

5HourDays from Sterling Magnell on Vimeo.

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