Meet Martha—- A Young Woman Racing for Zambia

Meet Martha—- A Young Woman Racing for Zambia

How a bicycle gives Martha hope
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written by Kim Coats on October 11 2018

Martha Sandondi is a 21-year-old Zambian. She was raised by a single mother whose primary source of support was as a simple farmer.  Martha is the second oldest in a family of 8 children with four sisters and three brothers.

She started school when she was seven years old at Mushitala Primary School located in the Northwestern province of Zambia. Martha's school life was challenging, and she often had to stop attending classes because of her mother's financial situation. But she persevered, and she is still in school doing her year eleven this year.

In 2017 she got pregnant but never stopped attending classes until she was six months that was when she was put on maternity leave until she gave birth and got back in school. 

Martha is a talented athlete within a variety of sports activities including running, jumping, football and cycling. 

In 2016 she had an opportunity to join Kansanshi Cycling team near her home. In 2014 cycling was introduced in the area to the local people as a way of empowering youth.  She used to see a lot of white people riding around the community where she lives and every time Martha saw them riding she got motivated so much that she could not stop imagining being the one on the bike. Mostly when they looked tired, she imagined herself breaking away from the group. 

Cycling has given her a true meaning of peace in most of the things around her, and that's the reason why she decided to get back on the bike after giving birth.  She has a big dream that one day she will make her daughter, mother, siblings and her country at large proud and to be an inspiration to all the young ladies in the world.

Thank you to her Coach Eugine and her mentor Nora Richards for providing information for this story.

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