Global Livingston Institute and FERWACY to host second annual Tour du Rwanda Concerts

Global Livingston Institute and FERWACY to host second annual Tour du Rwanda Concerts

Bringing Cycling, Music and Healthcare together #teamisteam
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written by Kim Coats on August 06 2018

Kigali, Rwanda – On August 7th and 11th, the Global Livingston Institute (GLI) will host concerts in Musanze, Rwanda and Kigali, Rwanda in partnership with the Rwandan Cycling Federation (FERWACY). The concerts will leverage music and the arts as a platform to showcase and celebrate Rwandan cycling and culture, as well as serve as an avenue to promote public health and economic development. The concerts will take place at the completion of stages 3 and 7 of the 2018 Tour du Rwanda. 

WHAT:            Tour du Rwanda Concert - Musanze

WHERE:         Ubworoherane Stadium

WHEN:            Tuesday, August 7, 2018; 3:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.


WHAT:             Tour du Rwanda Concert - Kigali

WHERE:          CHIC Parking Lot

WHEN:            Saturday, August 11, 2018; 3:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.

GLI has been hosting free concerts in Uganda since 2014 as an avenue to promote culture sharing, public health, and economic development. In 4 years, more than 79,000 concertgoers have attended the shows and over 16,000 have been tested for HIV for free. In 2017, GLI expanded this initiative into Rwanda alongside the Tour du Rwanda. 8,000 individuals attended the inaugural Tour du Rwanda Concert and thousands took part in the cadre of free health services provided including HIV testing, NCD screenings, and more.

“The Tour du Rwanda Concerts are a great example of good community development,” said Jamie Van Leeuwen, founder and CEO of GLI. “These concerts bring together partners in music, public health, and sports to do something genuinely collaborative and highly impactful.” 

The presenting sponsor of the concerts is Skol Brewery. Other sponsors and partners include the U.S. Embassy in Rwanda, FERWACY, Arrow Electronics, Rotary International, Odyssey House Louisiana, the Rwandan Ministry of Health, the Rwanda Biomedical Center, and the Colorado Classic.

“Skol brewery is extremely pleased to be part of such a big event,” said Anita Haguma, Head of Marketing at Skol Brewery. “Not only do we support the entrepreneurship of the concert organizers but also the music is all about fun and so is Skol beer.”

With the assistance and coordination of several health providers in Rwanda, the free health services offered will include HIV testing, noncommunicable disease screening, condom distribution, and blood donations, among others.

“The U.S Embassy is pleased to collaborate on this great effort to raise awareness around important health issues in Rwanda, including non-communicable diseases,” said U.S. Embassy Spokesperson Jeremy Jewett. “We’re looking forward to doubling the excitement and double the impact during this year’s Tour du Rwanda with public health concerts in both Musanze and Kigali. The concerts are a great way to inspire the community to celebrate sports and healthy living, as we all work together to address public health threats in Rwanda and around the world. We hope everyone comes out for the music and the fun and takes advantage of the free health services that will be available.”

"We are excited for the second year of the Tour du Rwanda Concerts in partnership with GLI and FERWACY to use music, the arts, and cycling to foster healthier communities in Rwanda," said Diane Gashumba, Rwanda's Minister of Health. "Music and sports play an important role in reducing stress and preventing noncommunicable diseases. This collaborative effort will be a celebration of our culture and public health." 

The headliners performing at the concerts will be Riderman, Knowless Butera, Dream Boys, and Social Mula. There will also be performances by up and coming Rwandan artists, musicians from Nashville, Tennessee, and a special performance by LEAF International, and more.

"I am excited to perform in the Tour du Rwanda Concerts for the second time,” said Butera Knowless, one of the concert’s headliners. “I'll be with my fellow artists Dream Boys, Riderman, and Social Mula. For me, this is not just a concert as we will provide health services to my fans for free. Let's celebrate Rwandan cycling together!”

GLI is a research institute building strategic partnerships in both Colorado and East Africa. This collaborative is facilitated through a growing international relationship between the Colorado Classic and Tour du Rwanda and was designed to demonstrate the collective impact that Colorado and Rwanda are having on their respective communities by working together.  

“The Tour du Rwanda is one of the most celebrated sporting events in Rwanda,” said Aimable Bayingana, President of FERWACY. “In partnership with the Global Livingston Institute, we are excited to make this celebration even bigger by adding these free concerts that promote Rwandan cycling, public health, music, and culture sharing.”

About the Global Livingston Institute (GLI):

The Global Livingston Institute (GLI) is a community-based research institute developing strategic partnerships in both East Africa and in the United States with a focus on education, public health, and social impact. Modeled after the Aspen Institute, GLI creates a place at the table for students and community leaders to discuss innovative complex solutions to poverty. The organization is divided into two core areas of focus: Education (Listen. Think.) and Social Impact (Act.).

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