Come and cheer on Team Rwanda against the world’s best in London

Come and cheer on Team Rwanda against the world’s best in London

Come and cheer our young riders on as they race Chris Froome and other stars this Sunday
UK Tour 2016 Jeremy Ford

written by Jeremy Ford on July 25 2016

On Sunday 31 July, four young development riders from Team Rwanda Cycling will take on the very best of world cycling!

A Team Rwanda development team, in partnership with Dassi Bikes, is currently on a debut UK tour to experience high level, elite British cycling to learn some vital skills. The tour is going very well and we are receiving excellent feedback from fans and competitors alike.

Due to our performances and presence in the UK, the organisers of the Ride London - Surrey Classic race have invited our four young riders to take part! This will be a huge experience for them to understand the level of fitness, skills and dedication they will have to achieve in order to realise a dream that one day a Rwandan might race the Tour de France!

In order for the team to have the best performance, we are working with the leaders of the Rwandan Community Association in the UK to rally the Rwandan diaspora (and friends of Rwanda) to come to the race and support the riders as they leave Buckingham Palace and set off on the 200km race. We want to have as many people present as possible with flags, caps and any other Rwanda colours to make it a big occasion for all.

Event details: Come to the Buckingham Palace end of Birdcage Walk from 11am and find our "Rwanda Railing"! Bring food (no BBQs allowed) and drink and we will have a picnic in the park next to the railings which the riders will come and visit prior to the race also. The event is free to attend.

Contact us on [email protected] for more details.

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