Catching up with Joseph Areruya & Samuel Mugisha in Italy

Catching up with Joseph Areruya & Samuel Mugisha in Italy

Joseph & Samuel are riding for Team Dimension Data Continental this year and have spent most of the spring in Italy. Let's hear what they think about this new experience!
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written by Sharon Bayingana on May 19 2017

Samuel Mugisha and Joseph Areruya have been in Italy since late March. As their time in Italy comes close to an end, it was in order for us to ask them about how they liked Italy. Mugisha, being the most active on his social media, was more available to answer our questions! So here is a small Q&A I had with him about his stay in Italy and how he likes it.

Q:What is it like to live in Italy?
A: Italy is a beautiful country. During our first days here while we were training, I would almost wander off just looking around. I like to find a friend who knows the place to come with me and walk or ride around during my free time. I loved this place!

Q:What is the racing like?  Harder?
A: Definitely! It is much harder because we are racing with people on a higher level than us, and also doing a longer distance. It was especially rough for me because when I had my accident, I stayed off the bike for a week and missed some training sessions. It is exhausting but it's also a good experience because it helps us get used to riding longer distances.

Q: What do you like most about being there?
A: I like being able to ride my bike, not during training or a race, but just to look around where we are staying because this is a beautiful country. But I have to say, life moves faster in Italy than it does in Rwanda. Everybody walks fast and working is nonstop, so that is something I had to get used to.

Q: What do you miss about Rwanda?
A: I would say I miss my mom and the rest of my family. I know Areruya does, as well. We talk to them as often as we can, but it still doesn't equal having them around with us. So we look forward to seeing them very soon!

Q: Have you met other Rwandans living in Italy?
A: Yes. There are Rwandans we met who are also very supportive of what we do. It has really helped us not get homesick, because we know we have a support system of our fellow Rwandans even outside of our country. Even apart from the Rwandans here, our teammates are good people too, nobody feels homesick because we got each other's backs.
From Mugisha's perspective, we can conclude that him and Areruya liked being in Italy and the experience- doing races and training with other athletes, was truly beneficial for them.

Thank you Paolo Martelli for Rouleur for the beautiful photo of Samuel Mugisha


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