Beatrice Awor is a young woman from Nigeria. She recently finished her senior school certificate in May 2019. Beatrice began her cycling mechanic training and internship six months ago at the LifeStyle Cycling Club House in Port Harcourt.

Her coach/mentor is Miebakka “Blacky” Aggo a former Nigerian triathlete who, along with his wife Rita, is committed to developing the sport of cycling at the club level in their hometown of Port Harcourt. Rita is an inspiration to all the young women as she’s one of the top female cyclists in the country.

Blacky sent along some photos of Beatrice and the class of trainees receiving their certificates in bicycle mechanics. He had this to say about the course attendees:

“Young teens chose to add bicycle mechanic skills into their cycling career in Portharcourt. Well educated and sound minded, one thing they all ask for, tools, equipment, bike for their cycling training and higher training than the one they are already exposed to at the LifeStyle Cycling Club House. Let’s make their dreams come through. Please contact me Miebaka Aggo (Blacky) if you want to add to the success of these kids who showed interest out of passion and belief. SSCE has done this year by 1, last year by 2, next year by 2. Parents are grateful for this opportunity. God bless us all as we support a noble course.”

Learn more about the work this dedicated team of passionate cyclists is doing in Nigeria at Sustainable Cycling Foundation or on their Instagram feed.