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Team Africa Rising supports cycling touring company entrepreneurs especially those run by world-class cyclists for the benefit of the next generation of cyclists in their countries. Adrien Niyonshuti in Rwanda and Tsgabu Grmay in Ethiopia are giving back to the sport by sharing the love of cycling and the love for their countries. Ready to ride in Rwanda and Ethiopia? Here are the companies you need!

Tourism Partnership with Jackson’s African Safaris

Talk to Jackson’s African Safaris today, to start planning your African Adventure where you will see firsthand 10% of what you pay come back to Team Africa Rising!  Call North America +1-250-509-1039 OR email to start planning your dream adventure.

Timothy Jackson, Founder of Jackson’s African Safaris understands the importance of the bicycle to the people in Africa.  He has witnessed firsthand the use of a bicycle to carry goods, water, and people.  During the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda, the bicycle provided an escape for some.  Mr. Jackson reached out to the founders of Team Rwanda Cycling to discuss a partnership that is now evolving over time, with Team Africa Rising. 

Jackson’s African Safaris knows how important the work of Team Africa Rising is in Rwanda and the other countries where their teams are in development.  Supporting these teams with programs, bringing international attention to their organizations, their work, and most importantly to Africa, is crucial.    In today’s world tourism can make all the difference in the long-term health and survival of wildlife, landscapes, and people within Africa.  With Covid-19, Africa has seen one of the largest GDP contributors for countries come to a complete stop. 

Jackson’s African Safaris when referred to a client through the Team Africa rising Organization will give back a full 10% of the tour price or as close as possible to this to the Team Africa Rising Organization.  Actually, Mr. Jackson says, any of his personal clients or referrals, can choose where they donate their 10%, and he will always bring his clients’ attention to their company list of suggested benefactors including (TAR) Team Africa Rising. 

Timothy Jackson spoke of the initial idea, “In…2016…I simply planted the seed of creating a program at the center in Rwanda (ARCC) where groups could visit Rwanda, cycle, and participate with the team and any business for safaris anywhere in Africa the team could generate for me, I would share the profits back to their program.  Kimberly Coats, Director of Marketing for Team Africa Rising, was thrilled with the idea of partnering with a safari company. “This equates to support for our teams.  It is a win for all parties.”

So, if you would like to see 10% of the price you pay for your adventure in Africa go to TAR let us know and we will make that happen!

Jackson's African Safaris

Cycling in Rwanda

Rwanda is known as the Land of a Thousand Hills. In 2006, Adrien Niyonshuti met Jonathan “Jock” Boyer at the Wooden Bike Classic race held in a small town in Rwanda. Jock later returned to Rwanda in 2007 to scout talent for a potential team and Adrien was one of those original five members of Team Rwanda Cycling.

Adrien later went on to become the first Rwandan to qualify for an Olympic cycling event. In the 2012 London Olympics, Adrien also became the first black African rider in history to complete an XCO MTB Olympic event.

After spending his entire professional career with Team Dimension Data, he retired in 2017 to focus on his Adrien Niyonshuti Cycling Academy to help young cyclists achieve their goals in the sport.  He also built a cycling tourism business to help fund the Academy.

Check out their website and book a trip today and help the next generation of Rwandan cyclists!


Cycling in Ethiopia

Our team grew up in this culture. We are cyclists, and many of us also come from cycling families.

Our guides and drivers will take care of you, whatever your level and no matter how fast or slow you want to ride. If it takes your fancy, you can ride with former Olympic stars, but if you’re going to enjoy things at a more leisurely pace, we have the local knowledge and contacts to help you get alongside local people and explore the local culture.

Above all, in bringing you to Ethiopia, we want to introduce you to Ethiopia’s culture of road cycling and to show you some of the amazing landscapes and famous historical sights of our region.

In traveling with us, you will also be supporting local cyclists, since part of what you pay goes to supporting a local cycling team who are continuing the tradition of road cycling in Ethiopia.

In creating this team, our goal is to provide more opportunities for young riders to compete in national races and to open up chances to become professional cyclists representing Ethiopia in international competitions.

30% of the profits of Ethio Cycling Holidays will go to supporting this team.

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